Medical Insurance Deductible

By Employer Benefits, Inc.

July 31, 2022

Medical and health insurance are a necessary evil for many people. Unless you have an employer, who pays your insurance then you do have to pay it. Medical insurance is often what stands between you and decent healthcare. Let us understand what medical insurance deductible is.

There are many different plans for health insurance and just like any other type of insurance, you are responsible for the deductible portion. The amount of the deductible varies according to your plan.

What is Medical Insurance Deductible?

When you take out medical insurance, there is a deductible. This is an amount of money that the person with the medical insurance will have to pay before the insurance will cover your medical costs.

There can also be other costs, as well. Even if you have paid the agreed-upon amount, there may be other payments required, which depend on the medical service you need.

These extra payments are referred to as copays or copayments. These are costs that you pay for various services like prescriptions or visits to a specialist. These are often a dollar amount and are due at the time you receive the service.

How Does Medical Insurance Deductible Work?

The deductible on your medical insurance is a set amount you must pay before the insurance company pays for your medical services. These medical insurance deductible amounts are set according to the type of policy you have.

The higher your premium payments are each year means your deductible is lower. When you need healthcare, you pay for the services yourself until you have paid the amount of your deductible.

If your medical insurance deductible is $300 and the service you need costs $1000, then you are required to pay the first $300, then your insurance will cover the remaining $700.

Payments are often determined by a percentage cost, and copayments are often a dollar amount. Again, these amounts are determined according to your healthcare insurance, which is usually based on your medical needs.

Benefits of Having an Insurance

Medical insurance is protection for you and your family. Medical costs can bankrupt people in no time at all, so the insurance makes sure you get the service you need without going broke.

Knowing that your regular medical needs are covered brings you peace of mind, but when emergencies happen, you don’t want to be left worrying about how you are going to cover all the costs.

With medical insurance, you know all your ongoing and preventative healthcare needs are going to be covered. It also means that those unforeseen accidents or medical emergencies are also covered.

Medical Insurance Deductible - Healthcare Services

You don’t want to end up in serious debt just because of an accident. A broken bone plus a trip to the hospital by ambulance can make a serious dent in your savings and income.

Local Medical Insurance Expert

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Even if you don’t have any existing medical concerns, you can’t predict emergencies. Protect yourself and your family and talk to an insurance broker today.

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