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Small Business Plans

With our central Reno office location and our devoted staff, we foster a welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable to visit us with any questions  or concerns.

Let us simplify and show you the benefits of having EBI as your insurance provider.

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Benefits of a Small Business Plan

Plans are paid pre-tax

This means they are calculated before Medicare and Social Security, as well as federal taxes.

This is usually the largest single tax deduction allowed by the IRS.

In addition to lower premiums, employees will also pay for their plan with pre-tax dollars.

Large selection of providers

Employer Benefits, Inc supports every major provider in Reno, allowing you to choose the plan that best fits your business.

You can also switch carriers at any time during the year. You do not have this option if you are on an individual insurance policy.

Access to more doctors

With a greater selection of PPO plans, your employees can enjoy more choices and freedom.

Some plans also come with a national network. This can be a great option if you have employees that are working in other states.

In addition, most insurance companies have a larger doctor list specifically designed for groups.

Group Requirements

Small Business Requirements
There are 2 or more full-time employees.

You have a current Nevada state business license.

Your business filed a Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report last quarter.

Depending on the insurance company, 50% to 75% of eligible employees must enroll.

Although, employees with other credible coverage can be excluded from this count.

Owners may enroll as long as they are taking a wage from the company. A W-2 or K-1 can prove this.
Association Health Plans
Due to new regulations on health insurance, businesses in Nevada can enroll in association health plans.

Savings on these plans can be anywhere from 5% to 20% less a month.

While there are some differences, association plans are still considered fully qualified.

Your business will have to be part of each association to be eligible for the policy. This usually includes a fee, but the savings on your monthly premium will outweigh this.

Accessible Expertise

Need help calculating?

How to calculate average full-time employees
Calculate each month individually

Count how many active full time employees you had working for you each month

Then add all of the hours paid to part-time/seasonal employee (this includes sick, vacation, PTO, bereavement, etc.) for the subject hours for calculating the full-time equivalent employees

You only count the first 120 hours worked by each employee (so if a seasonal employee worked 180 hours in a month, only the first 120 hours would count toward the subject hours for the full-time equivalent employees

After you have the subject hours for all the non-full-time employees broken down per month, divide each month’s subject hours by 120 to get the number of full-time equivalent employees you had during each month (make sure to round this number to two decimal places)

Next, add your full-time employees to the full-time equivalent employees for each month to give you an accurate depiction of how many full-time/full-time equivalent employees you had working for you each month.

Then, add up each month’s total of full-time/full-time equivalent employees to get an annual full-time/full-time equivalent employees.

Take the annual figure and divide it by 12 to get your average number of full-time/full-time equivalent employees per month.

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With our central Reno office location and our devoted staff, we foster a welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable to visit us with any questions or concerns.

Let us simplify and show you the benefits of having Employer Benefits, Inc. as your insurance provider.

Call 775-786-6381
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