Dental Care for Kids: Tips and Importance of Dental Hygiene

By Employer Benefits, Inc.

November 15, 2022

There are many tips that can be shared with parents about dental care for kids. For example, parents should make sure that they are brushing their child’s teeth twice a day, flossing them once a day, and teaching them how to brush their teeth properly. Parents should also make sure that they are not using too much toothpaste on their child’s toothbrush as it will lead to tooth decay.

Kids are not often known for their excellent oral health. Most parents have to be vigilant about getting their kids to brush their teeth regularly. Plus, their love of sweets is why they lead the way in cavities.

But good dental habits start early. Getting your kids to understand the importance of good dental hygiene is a start. But, you should also consider getting dental insurance.

What Is Dental Insurance and How Does It Work?

The first thing you should understand about dental insurance is that not all policies are the same. Your policy should be tailored to your specific needs and that will depend on where you get it.

Some families have a policy through their employer, while others have a private policy. Some prefer both. This is often due to the limitations your insurance may have from your employment.

Parents often get health care insurance when they have a baby but don’t always consider dental insurance to be a priority. But by the age of five, your child can already have more than one cavity.

Dental insurance will help pay for the dental work they may need starting at a young age. Not only cavities, but they may need an orthodontist if there are complications.

If you qualify for government programs, like Medicaid or CHIP, then your kid’s dental care will be covered. Some older insurance plans that you may have through your employer may not.

You can find an insurance policy through the Marketplace where you can get specific policies and compare prices and options. Families often find this helpful if their current policy is limited.

You pay for your insurance and often, there is a deductible, so you cover up to a certain amount and then the insurance will cover the rest. This can save a lot of money over the years.

Why Is Dental Care for Kids Important?

It’s well-known that our oral health is directly related to our overall health. Good dental hygiene habits start with young kids. Children often have at least one cavity by their first birthday.

Bacteria and gum disease can start at any age and these bacteria get into our bloodstream, causing other health issues. You want to stop tooth decay before it starts.

Visiting the dentist is expensive. If your child doesn’t take care of their teeth, this can cause a lot of problems as they age. Plus, if they need special care, like extractions or braces, then the price jumps considerably.

Insurance can take the sting out of these costs. Visiting a specialist like an orthodontist can be much more expensive and your standard insurance policy may not cover it.

Dental Insurance Procedure | Dental Care for Kids

Tips for Finding the Right Dental Care Plan for Your Child

You should first check with your insurance plan through your employer. If there is coverage for your kids, find out what it actually covers. It may only cover an annual visit and cleaning.

If you are not employed or are under-employed, you may qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. These are government insurance plans designed to help cover such costs.

There are also dental discount plans that are not insurance but they do allow for cuts costs when it comes to dental and other health concerns. You can also find a plant through the Marketplace.

You can find specific plans that will suit your needs at a price you can afford. Many insurance policies contain a lot of items that are not needed but you pay for them anyway.

You can look online or consult an insurance broker to help you sort out all the available plans. They can explain the differences in each policy, and what the terms mean, like deductible, copay, and more.

Dental Care Tips for Children with Good Oral Health

It is never too early to start your kids on a healthy track for dental care. This will build a life-long habit of taking good care of their teeth.

Learn By Example

Kids are sponges and they want to be just like you. Share the process so they don’t feel like it is a punishment. Brush your teeth when they do.

Visit The Dentist Early

As soon as your child’s permanent teeth start to come in, start visiting the dentist. If you wait until you need to go, then the fear of dentists will set in early.


Make sure you tell them they did a great job and don’t make brushing their teeth seem like a chore. Get kid-friendly toothpaste that belongs just to them and encourage them to be proud of their teeth.

Dental Care for Kids

Good oral hygiene is a life-long journey. Encourage your kids to take care of their teeth and get an insurance policy that will help them do just that.


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